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Edition of 100 c36 8-song Cassettes, color j-card, in full red shell
w/ Bandcamp download
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The world is an ugly place. Baltimore noise-gaze industrial punk trio UGLY TWIN formed during the pandemic around a high volume love of damaged punk, shoegaze and industrial music. In their contaminated practice space they birthed a chemical mutant on the crystal skeleton of an industrial drum machine where Rob Savillo's contorted repetitive riffs and searing melodies act as a parasitic muscle group alongside with the hammering assault of Jenny Andrzejewski's bass nervous system and topped with Matt Buie's muffled paranoid vocals that sound like the skin of this creature they can't control. The ugly twin opens its maw as a hybrid chameleon of Brainbombs, My Bloody Valentine, (early) Uniform, Big Black, Bodychoke, and Negative Approach that haunts the train tracks past the practice space looking into stagnant pools of oil for a glimmer of its pure self.

Featuring members of The Holy Circle, Silk Leash and ex-members of Xetas and (Birth)Defects.

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