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Split Release with Black Horizons & Cloister Recordings


Edition of 250 on transparent Orange Crush 12" Vinyl LP
Full Color Sleeve, Matte Stock, black flood interior on jacket, black sleeve
Comes with digital download.

Cover art by Liz Nielsen / Design by Terence Hannum
Recorded by J. Robbins / Mastered by Brad Boatright / Audiosiege

"The Holy Circle’s new self-titled album makes me feel the same way as I did with that Human League 12”, even though they don’t sound much alike: it’s got its pure pop hooks in me and it won’t let go. Erica Burgner-Hannum, her husband Terence (of Locrian), and drummer Nathan Jurgenson (of Real Life Magazine), hit that chilly sweet spot: heavenly vocals and sweet melodies coiling smoke-like around a bedrock of atmospheric synths and powerful percussion. (Jurgenson’s live drumming can’t be underrated; it’s complex without being showy, a perfect complement. Rhythm sections everywhere, take notice.) The one-two punch of “Early Morning” and “The Odds,” partway through the A-side, has lodged itself in my head for the last two weeks; I’ve been walking around humming the main lines to myself. Try listening to those two tracks without an instant prickle of gooseflesh appearing; If you’re looking for a Cocteau Twins-meets-Depeche Mode sugar fix, you’ll instantly adore this record." - Jes Skolnik / Bandcamp Daily

"this trio have already solidified themselves as experts in a modern revival of the classic 4AD sound, but bearing that as an influence, rather than an imitation. From Nathan Jurgenson’s expressive drumming, to Terence Hannum's melodic, yet occasionally harsh-edged synth work, to Erica Burgner-Hannum's distinctive, beautiful vocals, The Holy Circle is a band strictly of the present day. The perfect balance of the familiar and the fresh, it is an exceptionally captivating album." - Craig Dunton / Brainwashed

"The Baltimore trio's self-titled debut album finds that space between Ultravox's synthetic melodrama, Jesu's heavy shoegaze and The Knife's cold, yet sensual, vocal melodies." - Lars Gotrich / NPR

"Baltimore dream-pop trio the Holy Circle use their combined talents to create scary, exciting music. The band is comprised of Terence Hannum (Locrian), as well as his wife, Erica Burgner-Hannum of Unlucky Atlas, and Nathan Jurgenson. All three of their combined perspectives make for a take on the genre that's darkly enthralling...Basslines and acidic synthesizers wash together beautifully, Burgner-Hannum's voice adding another rich texture to the music. The instrumentation and singing collide, generating a fatally beautiful cacophony of synth." - John Hill/ CLRVYNT


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