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CLAP. AN ANATOMY OF APPLAUSE | various artists / 2xLP

"a compilation of original works by a group of musicians and composers brought together by Andrea Stillacci and Unsounds. The project goal is to highlight the radically different forms and meanings that the sound of applause can take according to its context. The principle was to work from original recordings of each artist’s choice, with sources ranging from the thunderous applause celebrating Maria Callas’ last public appearance to the crowds cheering at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to transform them into musical compositions."

"Precious Element" by Terence Hannum features the applause at the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini's funeral.

FEATURING: Terence Hannum, Andy Moor, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Maurizio Bianchi, Moor Mother, Ji Youn Kang, Eraldo Bernocchi, Fani Konstantinidou, Yannis Kyriakides, Barbara Ellison and Massimo Pupillo



• Terence Hannum - Dissolving the Bonds
• Glass Master CD
• 4 Panel Wallet Style Case

"Dissolving the Bonds" was written during a tumultuous time in my life full of a lot of changes. This album is a reflection upon the loss of an anchor and the realization that those who you've surrounded yourself with do not have your best interests in mind. In the end it is about separation and finding out who you are after that separation.

-Terence Hannum
released February 26, 2021

Terence Hannum: Vocals, Korg MS-20, Moog Little Phatty, Moog Satellite, Moog Minitaur, MicroKorg, ARP Quartet, Elektron Analog Keys, Elektron RYTM, Cassettes

Recorded by Terence Hannum, Baltimore 2017 - 2019
Artwork: "Magnificent Futility", "Trihedrons" & "Insignificance, Neglect and Disdain" / sizes various / Magnetic cassette tape coating collaged on panel / 2018-2019 by Terence Hannum

Design & Layout by S. Hardacre Design

Mastered by Guillermo Pizarro



"Terence Hannum, member of Locrian and a visual artist in his own right, certainly does take the negative path on Via Negativa. Utech Records calls ambient “the music of subtraction.” Hannum takes the ambient genre and makes his own eerie reduction of it. On “If You Only Knew What Darkness I Am Plunged Into,” the drums are reduced to throbbing bass pulses and the electric organ rings in to existence, caustically sustaining its one-note drone. The organ is then joined by other notes on its apparatus. As it envelops the already cold atmosphere Hannum has created, it freezes the other elements in to a form of suspended animation. It’s almost as if Hannum has turned the flowing river of time in to a pool of molasses. He plunges you in to his own darkness and you can’t help but succumb to the trance. Via Negativa would amply fit among the best horror movie soundtracks, if Hannum felt like loaning this out to one." - Sly Vinyl

released July 30, 2014

Performer [Vocals, Arp Quartet, Moog Little Phatty, Microkorg, Roland Space Echo, Yamaha PSS-460] – Terence Hannum

Artwork – Terence Hannum
Design – Keith Utech
Liner Notes – Jenks Miller
Mastered By – Justin Weis

Recorded By – Terence Hannum

LP limited to 300 copies. Presented on powder blue vinyl in a heavy, pocket-flooded gatefold jacket with matte UV varnish.

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