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SILK LEASH "Waste / Hand of God" s/s 7" lathe

Edition of 45
3 Left
Single sided clear 7" lathe with full color insert in bag
Comes with Bandcamp download

The bleak battered hardcore landscape that Baltimore's SILK LEASH spew is an ugly one of dissillusion and anger, offering no solutions just amplified warnings. These two brief tracks, placed back to back on a single-sided lathe, update familiar themes in punk music to our times. Both tracks are full of bile and biting observations; First, about the myth of the American Dream on "Waste" and the pointless pursuit of it, and Second, on "Hand of God" with a more updated and venomous take on the American worship of guns, cops and vigilante justice, like that of the terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse, is confronted with biting accuracy; "Mind of a child, heart of a cop". No thin blue line flags fly here.

Containing striking original artwork by Samantha Wendel.

Featuring ex-members of Xetas, Brain Attack, Charm City Suicides, Moonshine and Early American.

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