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In clear library single cassette shell
w/ booklet and essay by Erica Burgner-Hannum
Edition of 50 copies
w/ Bandcamp download
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Artwork by Christian Degn
Mastered by Jake Ried

"Exceptional" - The Wire

"Cathedral-warping synth drone from husband-and-wife duo Terence Hannum (Locrian) and Erica Burgner-Hannum (Unlucky Atlas). Unlike their (pretty sexy!) goth-pop project The Holy Circle, Mother of Sighs creeps like John Carpenter through blackened noise and industrial clatter." - Lars Gotrich / Viking's Choice + NPR

"Mother of Sighs is not an easy listen and is oftentimes so brutally honest about its themes that it is difficult to continue but it seems as though that is the aim of this project, to dive into those currents and to find the path through the darkness." - Cheryl Prime / Scene Point Blank

Harsh psychological horror soundtracks by Erica Burgner-Hannum (The Holy Circle). and Terence Hannum (Locrian/Axebreaker/The Holy Circle).

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