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DEAD AIR | Volume One

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B&W inside + B&W on red cover
28 pages / 5,000 words
Edition of 70
REPRINT: 50 copies ww/ bundle

In 2017 Terence Hannum (Locrian, The Holy Circle, Axebreaker) began writing articles on horror soundtracks for the private monthly newsletter of the Horror Writers Association in a column titled DEAD AIR. This first volume collects the first five articles published in 2017, focusing on the soundtracks for; THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE by Wayne Bell and Tobe Hooper, THE BEYOND by Fabio Frizzi, ANGST by Klaus Schulze, CANDYMAN by Philip Glass, and IT FOLLOWS by Disasterpeace.

ANGST: "Klaus Schulze played drums on the first Tangerine Dream record “Electronic Meditations” (1970) and then left, he then played keyboards and drums with Ash Ra Temple for their eponymous 1971 album, and then again left after one record. His first solo record “Irrlicht” (1972) was composed of creepy organ drones and minimal drums, and is now considered a milestone in electronic music, quickly thereafter he began doing soundtrack work, first for the pornographic film BODY LOVE (1977) and then for ANGST (1984), where he would say in an interview “the film was cut to the music”. In film score production this practice is extremely rare, typically artists play to the film, locking in on precise edits and changes. Shulze, on the other hand, gave the director Kargl long tracks that evolve slowly, repeating arpeggios and rhythms. Really providing more of a palette of sounds for Kargl to edit the film around and by doing so this tense relationship between rhythm and pulse emerges."

Terence Hannum is a Baltimore based visual artist, musician and writer. He has written the novellas BENEATH THE REMAINS, ALL INTERNAL, and THE FINAL DAYS as well as multiple short stories.

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