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20 pp., b/w, full color covers & inside endpapers
Edition of 100
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Churchdoor Lounger is an ongoing (2019-present) remote art collaboration between Jeremy P. Bushnell from Dedham, MA, and D.W. from Seattle, WA. Jeremy is the author of two novels, both available from Melville House (The Weirdness; The Insides) and he has published visual art with Burning House Press. D.W. is the author of Mountebank, a sketchbook of visionary, systematized drawings published by esteemed comics publisher Fantagraphics.

As Churchdoor Lounger, they combine techniques of artmaking-by-hand (obsessive, repetitive mark-making; psychedelic doodling; torn-paper collage) with techniques of artmaking-by-computer (glitch procedures, scanner misuse, Photoshop layering). Drawing inspiration from sources ranging from tile-based adventure video games to Robert Rauschenberg's silkscreens to Marc Bell's "psychedoolic" comics work, Churchdoor Lounger collaboratively creates striking landscapes which serve as home to a evolving menagerie of weird beings.

Small doses of Churchdoor Lounger's output have previously been collected in self-released minizines (Nods, Bad Candy), but Matadors, produced in the depths of the isolating pandemic winter of 2020-21, represents their first full-length standalone work.

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