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BIRTH (DEFECTS) - "Dissimulate" / 7" Lathe + Cassette Box Set
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Edition of 40
7" square clear single-sided lathe
Cassette w/ Patch, Pin, Booklet

Record will ship 08/21

"People fucking suck. But, shit. They also make this damned existence worthwhile. Those assholes over there can go kick the can. But the noiseniks right here, blasting Boredoms and Comsat Angels? They’re a-okay. This group of Baltimore-bred musicians operating under the name Birth (Defects) is releasing a project fit for fashionistas, punks, and all those in-between or outside. The Dissimulate boxset is a cassette of demos and unreleased songs charting the band’s growth from 2013 to the present year, 2017 (help). Paired with that is a lathe cut 7” featuring a new song, “Macross,” which will be available on a 2018 full-length. As well, you get a pin, a patch, and a feeling of self-worth (not guaranteed). This collection will soothe the disaffected, rile the sad, and unite the hurt. Scream along with these songs before you’re screaming at Discogs for the sure-to-be sky-high resale listings (it’s limited to 40 copies).

“Macross” is a spinning, enthralling ode to interpersonal relationships, made in a mold cast by doomy Bauhaus and sludgy Earth.

“You don’t want to taste it/ cause you will worry/ do you remember love right now?/ It's something/ It’s everything,” screams frontman Sean Gray. Backed by a churning, brutal rhythm section and a creeping, distortion-drenched tunefulness, the song concerns the difficulty of navigating relationships and trying to stay committed to the idea of love. Without it, what is there? The track signals Birth (Defect)’s melodic development, as the cassette embraces the noise the group was born to share. The entire b-side is a 20-minute power electronics exploration of walls of harsh sound. “Macross” and “Take” were recorded by Nick Skrobiz (Multicult) in Baltimore. “Youth” and Crawl” were recorded by Shaun Sutkus (Perfect Pussy) in Brooklyn. Where to next, guys, Boogerville? “Youth” is an observational poem about how attention spans are so short these days, you don’t have to bother caring about anything. “Why worry? We got nowhere to go,” Gray gloomily intones. Across the cassette, this rock band reaches delirious decibel levels. If headbanging is your main form of exercise, you’re about to get ripped. The tape closes a chapter on the band and “Macross” is where they’re headed. Grab some Western Fries, your stereo, and a friend. Remember love."

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