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AXEBREAKER / "Vigilance" CS "Brutality in Stone" CD & Shirt

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"Vigilance" CS & "Live Assault V" CD
Obsolete Units

Power electronics' unfiltered trawl through transgression has at its best produced provocative and unbiased looks into aspects of humanity and society most prefer to leave unexplored, and at its worst has stagnated with vapid attempts at shock and distressing affinities for poisonous ideologies (fascism, racism, misogyny). In light of the disturbing normalization of far-right extremism in the Trump era, Terence Hannum of experimental metal/noise powerhouse Locrian and darkwave trio The Holy Circle started Axebreaker as an explicitly anti-fascist power electronics project, one aiming its attack deliberately at the rise of white nationalist violence and rhetoric in the West. On Vigilance, Hannum’s aural arsenal is one of unrelenting low churn, barely-controlled feedback, and throat-lacerating vocals, crated with a keen ear that evokes elements of PE cornerstones like Con-Dom, Ramleh, The Grey Wolves, and Genocide Organ etched with his own distinctive sonority that informs his diverse and prolific catalog. Vigilance comes packaged with a live CDR showcasing a gritty, uncompromising recording of his fifth “live assault” and an Axebreaker pin. A powerfully relevant and passionate statement of resistance that’s been long overdue.

"Brutality in Stone" CD
Phage Tapes / PT-263
8-song full length album of antifascist power-electronics

s - xl
black ink on red core cotton (100% cotton) shirt
axebreaker logo with anti-fascist symbols and cover of "brutality in stone"
printed by Forest Passage

Each bundle or CD comes with 5" x 1" embroidered logo patch, single broadsheet color newspaper from the LIVE ASSAULT at BLACK FLAGS OVER BROOKLYN and Digital download of the album

BURNING FALSE FLAGS (CS) / Primitive Architecture SOLD OUT