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B&W cover and insert
8.5" x 5.5"
32 pages
Edition of 50
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ALEXANDER BINDER is a German photographer known for his use of vintage lenses, prisms and optical toys, taking us on a mythic journey into a universe full of contrasts. Here in his untitled mysterious photozine for ANATHEMATA EDITIONS, Binder generates a constellation of mysterious images from nature, of people and veering into abstraction.

Often publishing his work in zines and photobooks, Binder has collaborated with Terence Hannum and had his work adorn the covers for bands such as Vaura, Hissing, Ural Umbo, Stephen O'Malley and more.

His work has been featured in VICE, LODOWN, SLEEK, Photo, China National Image, Fotografia, and many more. Besides being exhibited internationally (e.g. Voies Off/Arles, FIF Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Belo Horizonte), Alexander’s works have been published in photo books and monographs by Morel Books, Yard Press, Tangerine Press and Lugemik.

Alexander Binder

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