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ALCIAN BLUE "Collection" 2xCS

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Edition of 100 / 2xCS (c68 and c40) in Norelco brick packaging
Comes with digital download (Bandcamp)
Remastered and Designed by Jake Reid
With an essay by Oliver Ackerman (A Place to Bury Strangers / Death By Audio)

"Alcian Blue was one of the most incredible live bands that you probably never saw but if you had would have changed your life." - Oliver Ackerman (A Place to Bury Strangers / Death By Audio)

ALCIAN BLUE never received the attention they deserved. Starting in 1998, a few years too late for the original wave of shoegaze and ending in 2006, a few years too early for the newer wave. I first witnessed them playing shows together with my band Unlucky Atlas and was immediately smitten with their intensity; loud, psychedelic, punishing pop owing as much to the Cure as Jesus and Mary Chain - but heavier. Live they flooded the stage with projections and the room with high decibels. Of course that they weren't alone and along with their friends Skywave, (which formed Ceremony and A Place to Bury Strangers) they ushered in a period of intense noisy shoegaze. However, it was ALCIAN BLUE that made me think this kind of music still held vitality at that crucial point in time and could be simultaneously caustic and beautiful. (Terence)

Compiles five EPs: Fall Behind, Silvers Sleep Walk, Angelica Take Me Down, Translucent and Years Too Late

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